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It’s Time to “Put up” Some Things!

canned jars

Your fridge is filled with the bountiful garden harvest, but what to do before it all goes to waste? I say, start canning!

I can spaghetti sauce, grape juice, tomatoes, peaches, pears, applesauce and salsa (traditional, peach and pomegranate). Toss in some jelly and you have a cornicopia of canned goods that look stunning in the pantry. I “cold pack” because it’s easy. Bring your fruit/veggies to a boil, fill your sterilized jars to the top and seal. It’s easy to “put up” canned goods for the winter.

It’s fun. It’s yummy. Grab some jars and get to it!

– Jane Dvorak, SLJ 100 Communications

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